Hamden High Class of 1973 - Yearbook Supplement

In the fall of 1973, the Venture staff (presumably the class of 1974) assembled the summer supplement for our yearbook. The school did not mail these pages to our senior class; you had to visit the school to get a copy. Anyway, your yearbook is not complete without these pages as it has prom, graduation and spring activity pictures. Take a look at the girls track team -- it's one of the first girls track teams in history. Some credit should go to Susan Hollander whose unsuccessful attempt to join the boys team led to the creation of the girls team.

The original image size of the supplement pages was 9x12. These pages are 80% of the original so that they will fit on an 8½ paper with room for margins. You can print the pages by right clicking on the image and selecting Print Picture....

Page 1 - In Memorian

Page 2 - Prom

Page 3 - Prom

Page 4 - Graduation

Page 5 - Graduation

Page 6 - Awards Night
   Note: The girl in the gingham dress is singing and should be on the Funny Girl page.
Page 7 - Class Night

Page 8 - Funny Girl

Page 9 - Girls Track and Golf

Page 10 - Boy's Track

Page 11 - Boy's Track

Page 12 - Tennis

Page 13 - Girl's Softball

Page 14 - Baseball

Page 15 - Baseball

Page 16 - Camera Shy, Collage
   Note: Robin Henninger was not camera shy -- her picture is on page 114 of the Venture.