Hamden High Class of 1973 - Marriages

Some of our classmates started dating in high school and that was it for them. A few others started dating after high school and ended up walking down the aisle. Below is a list of our bethrothed classmates. Till death do they part. Again, if you can supply information as to other married classmates or when they were married, it will help make the information more complete (and they'll be sorted by marriage date). Send any updates to jvdaniello#aol.com (replace the # with @).

  1. Paul Petrulis - Judy Pohlman (1978-May-27)
  2. Ted Stevens - Kathy Gibson (1979-June-15)
  3. Bill Onofrio - Lori Forlini
  4. Peter Reynolds - Claudia Piscitelli
  5. Jim Miller - Sandra Giangrande
  6. Frank DeStefano - Priscilla Woodbury
  7. John Candela - Joyce Balogh
  8. Jim Gold - Promise Ahlstrom
  9. Jack Nettleton - Claudia Barbaro
  10. Benny Amarone - Joann Ugolick
  11. Mike Cimino - Valerie Castricone
  12. Carmine Guidice - Sarafina Ponzio
  13. Robert Iezzi - Donna Tobin
  14. Fred Loewenbaum - Eileen Lekas
  15. Jim Traseter - Gail Liefeld
  16. Gerald Lucibella - Linda Morrone
  17. Joe Thomas - Barbara Schmidt